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The Admissions Waiting Game

In less than 24 hours, thousands of students across New Jersey will receive admissions notification letters from the Catholic high schools of their choice. This Thursday marks the official Diocesan "decision day," and the excitement is contagious amongst students and admissions offices alike...
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Christmas at the Academy (Guest Post by Sr. Brittany)

For many families, one of the key benefits a Catholic education provides is the emphasis on religious values, especially when they are infused into a meaningful, high-quality curriculum. Framing everyday occurrences from the Catholic perspective helps bring a special meaning to everything we do. This benefit is especially visible during the Christmas holiday...
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The Importance of the COOP Exam

In the world of standardized testing, it's not uncommon for otherwise unassuming acronyms to send anxiety coursing through students and parents alike. It's hard to put your finger on exactly what makes standardized tests so intimidating, but we have a feeling it's a combination of different factors...
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What to Expect at Open House

September always brings a mixture of excitement and nerves, along with the promise of a new year. However, those entering their 8th grade year will face an entirely new, often nerve-racking, experience...
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