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Stephen Bommer

Stephen Bommer is the proud father of Kiera F. Bommer, a member of the MHCA Class of 2022! He is the father of three other Catholic high school graduates (Kelly – IHA 2014, Emily – IHA 2018, and Curtis – DBP 2019). He is a widow of the late Maureen Marie (Dzialga) Bommer, a life-long supporter of Catholic schools. Stephen is a Managing Partner of Alera Group, the 17th largest insurance brokerage in the country. He is past president and treasurer of FIRM, Inc. t/a FIRM Insurance of Wyckoff and Mahwah, NJ. He is the president of Shadow Lake Club in Franklin Lakes, an 87-member homeowner’s association and a past member of St. Elizabeth’s School (Wyckoff, NJ) Board of Directors. Now with his fiancée Jenifer Walden of Franklin Lakes, Stephen is involved in local politics and fundraising activities for charities and faith-filled organizations. Stephen received his undergraduate business degree from The College of William and Mary in Virginia and his advanced degree from St. John’s University in New York City. Stephen enjoys gardening, fishing and spending time with his family.