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At Mary Help, we are offered the opportunity to take part in an internship program. This year, I was happy to have participated in an education internship at a local Catholic elementary school: Holy Spirit School in Pequannock. All my life, I have been contemplating becoming a teacher and this internship has sealed the deal for me. After I attend college, I hope to become an elementary school teacher and implement everything I learned during my internship.

At Holy Spirit School, I worked mostly with the second graders and their amazing teacher, Mrs. Tiffany McFadden. She allowed me to obtain ‘hands-on’ experience, and I assisted children who needed help in either math or English. I grew such a special, indescribable bond with the children that every time I had to leave, they'd ask me to stay longer and never leave at all! Holy Spirit’s second grade class has been a huge influence and determining factor on my decision to pursue a career as a teacher, as well as on choosing which the age group I'd like to teach. I owe it all to Mary Help for giving me this amazing and vital opportunity to help me decide my life's path.
-Jocelyn Guzman, 2018

I feel very fortunate to have participated in not one, but two, of the internships at Mary Help. I have been part of the Health Care Connections Program for the past two years, and recently, I joined the Dance for Children seminar. In the Health Care Program, juniors and seniors visit St. Joseph's Hospital in Paterson once a week to observe and help in different departments. Students also have the opportunity to take college-level health care courses that offer credit from Rutgers University. At St. Joe's, I've seen 3 births, a tracheotomy, and a patient treated for injuries after being hit by a car. I was in the ICU for a while. Then I got to hold and feed babies in the nursery. All the while, Mrs. Redmon, our clinical supervisor, was there to offer her students guidance if they saw anything upsetting. The internship solidified my decision to become a doctor and helped me grow as a person. It also helped me develop skills that cannot easily be taught inside a classroom, such as how to remain calm in stressful situations and improve my communication skills.

In the Dance for Children seminar, my classmates and I learned about the physical, mental, and social benefits dancing has for children. Mrs. McMurray, the school's dance teacher, took us to Visitation Academy to dance with pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. They were so cute! Mrs. McMurray is teaching us how to develop our own dance lesson plans so that next time we can teach the children ourselves. I feel very fortunate to attend a school that offers such amazing opportunities to its students.
-Mariana Squicciarini, 2017