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National Honor Society

Students who excel in all aspects of scholarship and service at the Academy are invited to apply for membership in the Regina Mundi Chapter of the National Honor Society at Mary Help of Christians Academy. Membership in Regina Mundi is an impressive distinction achieved by students who exemplify the four pillars of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. These individuals not only excel academically, but also as school and community leaders with only the highest commitment to service.
Questions regarding NHS may be directed to:
NHS Faculty Advisor
Eligibility Requirements
As dictated by the Faculty Council, the following selection criteria have been established, each of which aligns to one of the national organization's pillars. (Please note: Requirements and policies presented here are simply an overview. Academy policy regarding NHS membership is covered in depth on page 36 of the Student Handbook.)
Students must carry a minimum unrounded cumulative GPA of 92% to be considered for membership in its local chapter. Students who meet the GPA requirement will be notified of their eligibility and subsequently invited to complete a Student Activity Information Form for submission to the Faculty Council.
Students must have a demonstrated record of service to the Academy and their community, done without compensation and with a positive, courteous, and enthusiastic spirit. To that end, candidates must have completed a minimum of 30 hours of service during each academic year.
Each membership candidate will be evaluated on her history of being a resourceful and effective problem solver, a promoter of school activities, a contributor of ideas, and a dependable person who exemplifies positive attitudes about life. Leadership experience both in and outside the school community will be considered. 
NHS member students ought to consistently meet the highest standards of personal character, demonstrating fairness, citizenship, and the ability to take criticism willingly while accepting recommendations graciously. In addition, these students will adhere to principals of morality and ethics with utmost honesty and reliability, and unwavering commitment to the Academy's rules and regulations. In dealing with others, these students will maintain constant courtesy, concern, and respect. With regard to their personal and academic obligations, these students will meet their commitments in a punctual manner with perseverance and application to their studies and other responsibilities. Finally, these students will maintain a good and clean lifestyle, with an emphasis on the active promotion of a positive in-school dynamic and environment.
Membership Requirements
Students who are deemed to have met the standards described above will be formally inducted into Regina Mundi during the annual ceremony occurring each Spring. Those who are inducted must maintain their qualifications through their Senior year in order to receive the blue NHS stole to be worn at the Baccalaureate Awards. Members are expected to remain actively committed to the chapter's service initiatives throughout the year with regular participation in events and meetings. To remain in good standing, all members must continue to uphold the minimum GPA requirement, complete no less than 30 hours of service per year, embody the qualities of scholarship, character, service & leadership, and participate in all required meetings and initiatives.
Any violation of the MHC Academy Code of Conduct or similar academic policies will result in dismissal from the Student Council. Members who fall below the standards or who are otherwise at risk for dismissal will be formally warned of their status - in writing - by the chapter advisor. They will be afforded reasonable opportunity and time to correct the deficiency, except in the case of flagrant violation of school rules or the law. The Faculty Council shall determine when an individual has exceeded a reasonable number of warnings. In all cases of pending dismissal, a member shall have the right to a required hearing before the Faculty Council.
Regina Mundi Chapter
Samantha Jarmusch
Isabella Unger
Vice President 
Mariana Squicciarini
Jada Joseph
2018 Inductees
Juleisy Cabrera, '18
Karletnicol Pyron, '18
Shannon Tangel, '18
Carly Craffen, '19
Skylar Fusco, '19
Natalie DeCindio, '19
Britney DeSanto, '19
Claudia Dul, '19
Daniela Escobar, '19
Gemma Fahy, '19
Michela Fahy, '19
Marie Fitzpatrick, '19
Marisol Gindhart, '19
Simona Graceffo, '19
Alleyna Jean-Philippe, '19
Maria Mazariegos, '19
Monica McEvoy, '19
Fiona Morrissey, '19
Mariangeli Reyes, '19