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Why Mary Help? » Bryanna, Class of '21

Bryanna, Class of '21

What does Mary Help mean to you?
Mary Help is my second home: it's a place where you can truly be yourself and not have to worry about judgement from others. The other girls here are the sisters I've never had. I can't stress enough how much we care about one another! No matter your personality, no matter who you are, there's always a Mary Helper there for you. On a daily basis, I am excited to step foot in my classes, and each day leaves me feeling incredibly fulfilled.
Why did you choose Mary Help?
Ever since I was a little girl, I always knew I wanted to be an artist. When visiting different schools, many of the teachers I met would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, and each time I'd answer with my dream of becoming an artist. Over time, I began to realize that many adults seemed not to take my goal as seriously as they did the responses of other students who dreamt of careers in fields like business or medicine. While visiting Mary Help, like so many times before, I announced my dream of becoming an artist and found that this time, the response was completely different. At Mary Help, they believed in me! At Mary Help, my dreams were validated and met with a promise to be supported and guided along my path toward achieving them.
In what way has Mary Help contributed to your personal and academic growth?
For almost all my life I've been a very shy introverted child, but within my first weeks here, I immediately noticed a change in myself. Before Mary Help, the mere thought of speaking to others made me so nervous that I'd often rather not socialize at all. At Mary Help, talking to people is easy! My experiences here have given me a confidence boost I don't think I could have gained anywhere else. Along with my personal growth, my grades are at an all time high, which I attribute to my positive attitude and approach to each school day, as well as the support of teachers who want the best for me and wish to see me to succeed.
What is one thing you would like outsiders to know about Mary Help?
When I first started looking into Mary Help, I was initially hesitant to believe all of the amazing things I kept hearing about it. The girls I met and spoke to painted such an impressive picture, that it seemed almost too good to be true. Now that I'm here, I can confidently state that everything about Mary Help - from the campus we call home to the extended family we've become - is truly as special as you've been told. As soon as you step foot through our gates, you feel the difference, and I guarantee you will never find another place quite like Mary Help.