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Why Mary Help? » Litzy, Class of '20

Litzy, Class of '20

What does Mary Help mean to you?
Mary Help is not only school where you grow a joy for learning in a challenging environment, but it is also a second home. The girls at Mary Help are both welcoming and supportive, and throughout the years you create a special bond with one another though laughing together, crying together, excelling together, and sharing your love of God with one another. The teachers and staff at the Academy are always receive you with open arms, ready to help and to guide you along the right path.
Why did you choose Mary Help?
Sometimes your plans don't work out because God has better ones. I like to believe that this was one of those situations. In all honesty I had no particular interest in attending Mary Help. In fact, I was focused on many other high schools instead. I shadowed at all of my choices, but it was my mother who signed me up to visit Mary Help. While shadowing at Mary Help my eyes were opened to the one thing that sets Mary Help apart: the bond of family. At Mary Help, all the girls knew each other and all the teachers knew their students. As I observed the close relationships they all shared, I soon realized the type of high school experience I wanted. While I was initially surprised by how much I loved Mary Help, today I could never imagine having chosen any other school.
In what ways has Mary Help contributed to your personal and academic growth?
I was always told that your four years in high school would be some of the most important years but that they would seem to pass by in an instant. Mary Help has challenged me academically and brought me closer to God while helping me to grow and deepen my faith. It has given me important lessons both academically, and in how to live as a Catholic.
What is one thing you would like outsiders to know about Mary Help?
I would tell all incoming Mary Help students to make the most of this experience. Work hard and push yourself. Join as many co-curricular activities as you can and be as involved as possible, because you will cherish those moments later on. Take advantage of all that Mary Help has to offer!