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Media Release

Catholic Schools of the Paterson Diocese
Permission to Publish Student’s Photograph or Work

Dear Parents/Guardians:

As part of your daughter’s education program, she will have the opportunity to publish documents in newspapers and school newsletters and/or on the school’s website. Published documents might include a first name, an individual photo, a story or poem, a graphic, a science or research project, a group photograph from an activity or club. School web publishing will follow the below guidelines.

School Web Publishing Guidelines:

  • Web published documents will never include a student’s phone number, street address or box number, or names (other than first names) or information about other family members.
  • References to email addresses will be restricted to faculty, staff, and authorized staff members only. 
  • Documents will never include any information indicating the physical location of a student at a given time other than attendance at school or participation in school activities.
  • There will never be links to student or faculty off-site web pages.
  • Documents must confirm to applicable diocesan and school policies and established school guidelines.
  • Documents to be published must be approved by referring teacher and the school school administration or its designee before publication.
  • All original student produced work that is published will be considered as protected by US copyright in the name of the student and the school, and will be identified as such.

We will publish these documents and or photographs only with parent permission. Please consider the following options. The permissions you grant on this form will be effective until specifically changed at your written request. Thank you for your cooperation.

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