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Guidance Program

The Comprehensive Guidance Program at MHC Academy serves all students, grades nine through twelve, using a proactive and preventative system. Following the Salesian tradition, our program relies on the interaction between educators and students, and is guided by an intent to appeal to reason and faith with loving kindness at all times. Following these ideals, our counselors assist students in acquiring and applying life-long learning skills in a systematic and developmentally appropriate nature, ultimately seeking to promote feelings of self-worth and confidence.

The content of the counseling program focuses on three interrelated areas: Academic Development, College Career Development and Personal Social-Spiritual Development. Each of these components is delivered by our certificated staff that includes a college/career advisor and an academic and personal counselor. The program at Mary Help utilizes group presentations, individual planning, responsive services and consultation, resulting in a comprehensive design that is delivered in a systematic fashion to all students.

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