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Transportation Survey

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Kindly complete the survey below by Friday, February 1st.

Bus Survey

This is a survey only to determine if you would take advantage of bus transportation if it were available. Please indicate your choice below. Your response to this survey is not binding. If, based on the results of the survey, we begin bus routes, a contract will be mailed to your home. It would be this contract, if signed, that would obligate you to the transportation. The cost of this service is $275 per month. Payment is made monthly with tuition to FACTS Tuition Pay. Additionally, this is not door to door service. The stops are located where it is most convenient for all students riding, as to not make the routes excessively long.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Mrs. Reenstra at secretary@maryhelp.org.

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Carpool Survey

Families who are interested in coordinating a carpool with other MHCA parents may elect to have their contact information shared so that they may communicate with each other directly. The Academy will not make a carpool arrangement on your behalf, but may suggest local families to you. Your information will only be shared as needed, and you may change your preference at any time.

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