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Dr. Haring's Response to the College Cheating Scandal

Dr. Haring’s Response to the College Admissions Cheating Scandal:
If you have seen the news you have read about affluent families participating in elaborate illegal schemes to have their student admitted to nationally recognized universities.
It is great news that these admission scams have been found out, and I hope all admissions practices will be re-evaluated by every college and university. It is no secret that a huge donation can influence the acceptance of a possibly unqualified student. This practice is long and ongoing and hopefully will be looked into as well. In any event, it is clear that many college admissions decisions are based not just on grades and test scores.
What we know is that the dedication to learning and improvement that you demonstrate every day gave you a great education. That is and always will be the most valuable thing for your future. Take pride that you EARNED your college admissions and scholarships. Your time at Mary Help of Christians has provided you with the opportunity to attend a fine college suited for your individual and family goals.
You can be proud that your effort combined with caring and dedicated teachers along with family support is the reason why you have succeeded in every aspect of your education and will in the future as well.
You did it the difficult way: honesty and hard work.
Dr. Tom Haring
Director of College Guidance