Focus On: Campus Ministry & Service

Contributed by Sr. Brittany, Campus Minister
Thirty-Four Students Qualify for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award
As we approach the summer, the Academy is proud to announce that thirty-four of its students qualified in the 2018-2019 school year for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. Students had to complete a minimum of 50 service hours (for students under 15 years of age) or 100 hours (for those 15 years of age and older). The Mary Helpers awarded completed a combined 4,857 volunteer hours.
We are thrilled to recognize the service of:
Joceline Berrio: 110 hours, Gold
Kiera Bommer: 50 hours, Bronze
Maria Angelina Budelman: 61.5 hours, Bronze
Amanda Cammarota: 108 hours, Bronze
Janiele Campusano: 52 hours, Bronze
Kyra Cobisiero: 88.7 hours, Silver
Courtney Corbett: 129.5 hours, Bronze
Natalie DeCindio: 115.5 hours, Bronze
Nicole DeCindio: 166.5 hours, Bronze
Jesley Delgado: 257.3 hours, Gold
Britney DeSanto: 109 hours, Bronze
Daniela Escobar: 115 hours, Bronze
Michela Fahy: 257.3 hours, Gold
Skylar Fusco: 117 hours, Bronze
Simona Graceffo: 256 hours, Gold
Christina Greco: 54.8 hours, Bronze
Brianna Guzman: 233.5 hours, Silver
Dolores Hans: 210 hours, Silver
Vanessa Hiciano: 126.1 hours, Bronze
Alleyna Jean-Philippe: 183.5 hours, Silver
Hai-Yan Koenig: 58.2 hours, Bronze
Julie Mantari: 192.5 hours, Gold
Maria Mazariegos: 186.2 hours, Silver
Meghan McGovern: 140.5 hours, Gold
Faith Monesteri: 201 hours, Gold
Fiona Morrissey: 114 hours, Bronze
Rasneli Paulino: 240 hours, Gold
Ava Porter: 55.8 hours, Bronze
Chanchal Saratkar: 75 hours, Silver
Kayla Sullivan: 101 hours, Bronze
Elisabeth Szymanski: 126 hours, Bronze
Paris-Madison Tampol: 117.5 hours, Gold
Genai Veal: 371.2 hours, Gold
Maya Watters: 77 hours, Silver
Congratulations, ladies!
Sophomores Lead Rosary & May Crowning
Following in the footsteps of sophomores before them, this year's sophomore class beautifully led our annual May Crowning and Rosary. Since the chapel fire, the prayers and ceremony have relocated to outside of the Provincial House, which allows the elderly Sisters in residence to join us. Students were paired with the Sisters by the JOY club, and the sophomores wrote and led reflections for each decade of the rosary. The ceremony finished with Rasneli Paulino and Guadalupe Aguilar, assisted by Brianna D'Aleo.

LIGHT Club Consecration to Mary
During the Ascension Thursday Mass, twenty members of our campus spirituality club, the LIGHT Club, consecrated themselves to the Blessed Mother either for the first time or as a renewal of their annual consecration. Through this special prayer, they asked the Blessed Mother to guide and protect them in life as they strive to grow in holiness. Students were given a rosary bracelet as a sign of their consecration. The bracelets were personally made by Sister Brittany. After receiving their bracelets they were told, "Just as we hold our mother's hand when we are little children learning to walk, so too, as we are growing in the spiritual life do we hold on to Mary, our Mother. May this bracelet remind you of her closeness to you and be a constant invitation to hold her hand in life."