Focus On: The Future

Chapel Update:
Driving onto campus, it seems natural to glance towards our construction site and wonder what’s going on. Now that the old chapel has been demolished, how much longer before we see signs of new life?

For several weeks we have been searching for the water lines that supplied water to the chapel and the valves that control those lines. Last week, we were finally able to trace the water source that needed to be capped before excavation could happen. Since the water line that supplies Don Bosco Hall and the chapel runs beneath the back corner of the demolition site, and some of the valves are in bad shape, we will be extending a pipeline between the chapel and the gym and around to Don Bosco Hall up through  the back parking lot. Once that is done, the excavation and foundation work will move forward.

Let us continue to pray for the safety of all workers and that the winter weather will not delay future progress.