Class of 2024

  HaiyanMary Help has served as a community of dutiful love, heartfelt care, personal understanding, and close connection for all of my time within its walls. Here, I have experienced bonds that mimic the joy and warmth of a true family with people who are devoted to both the ways of Catholic living and education, as well as the connection that holds a school together as a community. The relationships I have nurtured with both my friends and the teachers who take meticulous care of MHC’s educational system are to be the source of nostalgic bliss and comfort that I may carry with me long after I have exited Mary Help’s campus. My friendships have encouraged me to emotionally prosper and to be able to reflect on each school day with a jovial smile, while interactions with my teachers have pushed me to exceed, to be confident in my work, to take joy in my successes, and to learn from my missteps with the satisfaction of growing for the future.  At Mary Help, I have been given opportunities to grow for the present time and for the future, in order to gain essential experience with the world around me during these pivotal years. I am grateful to reflect upon the positions of teambuilding and leadership that have served as highlights to my high school career. I served as a writer for the school newspaper, aided in creating the Forensics Team, joined Student Council and National Honor Society, and even led a Christmas fundraiser. These experiences have served wonderfully to help my adjustment in being active in my community and being enthusiastic in my interactions with other students. Most importantly, such opportunities are not limited to a certain breed of student; rather, they are openly extended and encouraged to every girl who walks through Mary Help’s doors. All students are able to become involved in a wide variety of ways that best suit the gifts that God has given them. More so, Mary Help provides students the possibility to expand upon their passions and talents, which has truly guided me in finding my niche and what drives me as a student. I cherish these opportunities as vital character-building moments before entering college and a proper career, as these roles have given me the experience that is so necessary for my future. 
Hai Yan - Class of 2022