Over the course of my career, I have taught in a few schools, both Catholic and public. None compares with MHC Academy. The difference is not about the curriculum or the technology or the materials. The difference is two-fold: the faith and the Salesian charism. At Mary Help, everyone is enveloped in the love of Christ. Our faith-filled community praises the Lord with everything we do – the liturgies, prayers services, Adoration, and confessions that are a regular part of the Mary Help life. Our daily prayers and thought-provoking reflections from our principal center students and faculty alike. At MHC Academy, our motto is Beauty, Truth, and Joy – the Beauty of grace, life, and knowledge, the Truth of Christ, and the value of eternal Joy. These are not just words, but a call to action and a direction to follow in our lives. Teaching is a calling to an extraordinary profession – one in which adults have the ability to make a tangible difference in a child’s life. The difference may be academic – preparing a student for further education and adulthood through the curriculum taught, but more significantly, it is about fairness, kindness, and responsibility taught by interacting with their teachers. While that may hold true for all teachers, the teachers at Mary Help live the Salesian calling every day. We walk the walk not just talk the talk. We are a Home where we open our arms to welcome everyone. We always have time for our students. We are a Church where we praise the Lord together. We worship side-by-side with our students. We are a school where learning is a priority. We learn together. We are a playground where experiencing joy is part of our daily world. We always have fun. Simply put, Mary Help of Christians Academy is incomparable.
Theresa Sullivan
English Teacher