Mary Help Students Win Passaic County Teen Summit Scholarship

Nine Mary Help of Christians Student Council members represented the Academy for the first time at the annual Passaic County Teen Summit, sponsored by United for Prevention in Passaic County. The Teen Summit offered participants an opportunity to design and present a substance abuse awareness campaign that would impact their local school. Mary Help's students left the event with one of the five $500 scholarships awarded to the designs with the most potential for impact. 

Students from MHC Academy designed an overlay decal to go on a high school bathroom mirror. The overlay would act as a filter, causing half of the viewer's face to become distorted, making it look as if she was suffering from serious health issues. At the top of the mirror appeared the words, “1 in 6 people struggle with substance addiction - that’s ____ students at this school”. At the bottom were the words, “Drugs change you, even if only you can see it. For help contact _________. Take a selfie and post it with the hashtag #DrugsChangeYou to raise awareness.” 

The Mary Help students will be working to find a company that can help them develop their product, while using the $500 scholarship to fund the campaign at their school. In December, the students will report back to United for Prevention in Passaic County on their progress.