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Tuition & Fees

The Value of Catholic Education
Parents who choose Catholic schools know firsthand the benefits of a rigorous, faith-based education delivered in a safe and loving environment. However, far fewer families realize the substantial value Catholic schools also provide. For 2022-2023, the Academy’s per student cost of education topped $24,400. When compared to the sum of tuition and fees, this represents a savings of over $11,000 per pupil. And with over 68% of families receiving some type of financial award, a Mary Help education has never been a better choice.
Tuition & Fees
High School - $13,650
8th Grade - $6,195
Student Fee
9th - 11th Grade: $1,200
12th Grade: $1,550 
Registration Fee
$550 on or before January 26th 
$700 after January 26th
Bus Fee $300/month