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The purpose of the Board of Trustees is to build, strengthen and nourish the Academy as a Catholic secondary school committed to providing a superior Catholic education imbued with the Salesian charism. As stewards, the Board of Trustees is called, through the Spirit, to serve the faith community by caring for and developing a sustainable future for the Academy in keeping with its heritage, tradition, practice and philosophy. To this purpose, the Trustees shall commit themselves to grow in understanding the Salesian spirituality and system of education, Don Bosco’s Preventive System, which Mother Mazzarello and the first Salesian Sisters took up and developed within the context of a feminine genius. The role of the Board of Trustees is one of stewardship, developing the school in all its facets 'in trust' for the faith community. The Trustees of the Board are called to servant leadership, collectively accepting accountability for the school's well-being.
Cathleen Davey-Corbett, Chair
Rosanna Fahy, Vice-Chair
Karen Hamade, Secretary
Sr. Margaret Wilhelm, FMA, Treasurer
Sr. Colleen Clair, FMA, Provincial Superior
Sr. Lise Parent, FMA
Stephen Bommer
Sr. Marisa DeRose, FMA
Denise Dorgan
Anthony Fiorello
Sr. Theresa Kelly, FMA
Courtney J. Peterson
Irene M. Hurtado
Dr. Deborah Kuzma
Sophia Hamade
Victoria Velasco
Rev. Stephen Prisk
Jennifer Dolan
Sr. Kelly Schuster, FMA - Head of School
Frank Petruccelli, Founding Chair